• Tomi Ryba, Immediate past CEO, El Camino Hospital

  • Dr. Richard Slavin, Immediate past CEO, Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF)

  • El Camino Medical Group. Only organization for ECH Independent physicians

  • Neilson Buchanan, past CEO, El Camino Hospital

  • Nancy Steiger, R.N., past CEO of Chope Hospital, past CEO of PeaceHealth Medical Center, Bellingham, WA, Current Partner of CEO Advisory Network and President of Nancy Steiger Consulting

  • Dr. Kelley Skeff, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

  • Dr. Dominick Curatola, past El Camino Healthcare Board Director, Cardiologist and Internist

  • Dr. Glenn M. Chertow, Chief of Nephrology, Stanford University Medical Center

  • Dr. Imtiaz Qureshi, Chief of Staff, ECH

  • Dr. Jerry Shefren, Sequoia Healthcare District Board Director, retired OB-GYN

  • Dr. Brigitte Schiller, Chief Medical Officer, Satellite Healthcare

  • Gary Waldeck, Council Member, former Mayor, Los Altos Hills, CA

  • Grace Mah, Santa Clara County Board of Education

  • Lynette Lee Eng, Los Altos City Council, Vice Mayor, Los Altos

  • Dr. Barbi Phelps-Sandall, Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Mary (Smithwick) Smith, R.N., M.S., past ECH Chief of Nursing

  • Dr. Toby Gottheiner, past Medical Director, Cupertino Satellite Healthcare, and Nephrologist, PAMF

  • Dr. Sari Levine, El Camino Urology Group

  • Suzanne Schauwecker, R.N., past ECH QA Coordinator

  • Dr. John Scandling, Transplant Nephrologist, Stanford

  • Michi Olson, VP, Global Business Development, Alain Pinel Realtors

  • Dr. Bruce Beck, retired Pulmonologist and Critical Care Medicine, Past Director of Quality Assurance, ECH

  • Dr. Lee Shahianina, Physician

  • Dr. Richard Koenigsberg, Podiatirist

  • Dr. Mitra Sorooshian, Nephrologist, PAMF

  • Dr. Mariam Manoukian, Physician

  • Dr. Jerry Manoukian, Physician

  • George Clifford, retired Engineer

  • Dr. Peter Brown, Physician

  • Patricia Clifford, Writer

  • Carol Proffitt, past Board member, ECH Foundation

  • Mel Hodge, retired Engineer

  • Nancy Hardyck, R.N., past ECH Supervisor

  • Dr. Doug Yoshida, Emergency Medicine

  • David Herbst, Attorney

  • Dr. Frank Galli, Cardiologist

  • Rebecca Sun, Senior Reporter The Hollywood Reporter

  • Kristin Kerman, R.N., retired Nurse

  • Dr. Graham Abra, Assoc CMO, Satellite Healthcare

  • Terri L. Lewis, R.N., past Critical Care Nurse, El Camino Hospital

  • Robert Hogue, retired Engineer

  • Dr. Kathy Beck, Radiologist, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

  • Lindsay Hogue, Teacher and Artist

  • Dr. Cynthia Lin, Nephrologist, Medical Director Mountain View Satellite Dialysis

  • Miao Michelle Wang, Engineer

  • David S. Bogenrief, DVM

  • Dean Huang, retired Engineer

  • Allan Wang, Engineer

  • Lucie Newcomb, V.P., C.M.O., NewComm Global

  • Lindsay Flesch, Designer

  • Sandra Merrill, R.N. - past Dialysis & Behavioral Health Nurse, El Camino Hospital

  • Richard Merrill, retired Engineer

  •  D. Michael Griffin, former Chair, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commission

  • Tony C.M. Kao, Architect

  • Linda Skeff, R.N., retired Nurse

  •  Grace Griffin, past HR Director, Menlo Church

  • Maria Huang, past V.P., Q.A.

  • Dr. Brian J. Carrie, Nephrologist, Past Medical Director, Sunnyvale and Rosegarden Dialysis

  •  Neil Dickinson, Attorney

  • Haifang Yun, Engineer

  •  Victor Lee

  • Peter Adams, Attorney

  •  Vera MacKenzie, Los Altos resident

  • Jennifer Huang, film Producer

  • Lynnette Griffin Ting, Restaurateur

  • Kaytie Peterson, retired Teacher

  • Matthew Cusimano, Mountain View business owner

  • Robert Kraiss, retired Engineer

  • Carol Kraiss, retired Teacher

  • Gard Meddaugh, retired Engineer

  • Jean Meddaugh, R.N., retired Nurse




“Dr. George Ting has served Silicon Valley as a scholar,  world class physician, and a humble leader for decades.  He will bring deep clinical competency, strategic insights and patient-centered thinking to the El Camino Health District Board.” – Tomi Ryba, Immediate Past CEO, El Camino Hospital

George Ting, MD & Michi Olson

George Ting, MD & Michi Olson

“I have known George Ting for over 50 years and … he has been a man of integrity.  George is brilliant!  But most of all, people always looked up to him for his guidance and advise.  What I admire most about George, is his ability to command people to listen without being boisterous or pushy.  When George spoke, people listened.” 

“… he would be a great asset to the El Camino Healthcare Board.  He will be able to articulate the fundamental issues, and with his leadership capabilities, be able to unite the differences collaboratively.  If you are looking for a man who is a thoughtful leader, who is committed and passionate about improving the community, George is the right person.” – Michi Olson, VP Global Development, Alain Pinel

Dr. George Ting is one of the most dedicated … physician and leader, .. consistently sought to maintain the independence of the hospital while working to advance and ensure a successful future for the hospital, it’s staff and the physicians. …knowing Dr. Ting for 17 years in my capacity as an assistant administrator for nursing and patient care services. Dr.Ting was committed to quality outcomes. …instrumental in establishing standards of care and measuring outcomes, long before it became the norm. He .. valued collaboration and thoughtfully sought effective solutions to problems during his many years in leadership at the hospital… believed that innovation was essential to success. ..operated with a core set of values about affordable healthcare for all …(he) will be a strong and effective member of the board of directors. The future success of the hospital hinges on electing a superbly qualified director. Dr. Ting is that person. - Mary (Smithwick) Smith, RN, MS, past ECH Chief of Nursing

George Ting is the right person for El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors. Dr. Ting has long been identified as one of the top physicians at El Camino Hospital and has held virtually every leadership position at the hospital. He is sought after by colleagues and hospital administrators alike to solve tough problems in a thoughtful and collaborative way. I have known George for over 30 years and know him to be highly intelligent and having the highest integrity. As a member of the Sequoia Healthcare board and a physician I can attest to the value he would bring to the community. - Jerry Shefren, M.D., Director, Sequoia Healthcare Board

Portola Valley


I  strongly recommend Dr. George Ting. He has shown he has the vision, proven leadership, high credibility at El Camino Hospital and ability to get things done in a collaborative way. I know from many discussions with him that he genuinely wants to secure the Hospital's future. He really cares and is very committed to preserving and improving the healthcare for this community. Lynette Lee Eng, City Council, Los Altos; Vice Mayor, Los Altos

I worked at El Camino Hospital for over thirty years and knew Dr. George Ting for many of those years. He is a brilliant and dedicated physician and leader. I recommend Dr. George Ting for a position on the El Camino Hospital District Board.

…through the tumultuous times ahead for Healthcare and for stand-alone District Hospitals. Dr. George Ting has the skill, experience and the drive to help guide El Camino District Hospitals into the future. He knows the pitfalls of the past and understands what the future holds. 
- Nancy Hardyck , R.N., Past ECH Supervisor

I strongly endorse George Ting …His plan to attract foundations to establish collaborative connections makes total sense …. maintain ECH as a progressive, high quality, independent service provider. George Ting has the thoughtful, dynamic and problem-solving approach to achieve these important goals for ECH and the community it serves. Please join me in voting for Dr. George Ting.  - D. Michael Griffin, past Chair, Palo Alto Planning Commission

I have known Dr. Ting for over 35 years … He is well respected by colleagues and patients alike for his thoroughness, levelheadedness, commitment, and his ability to listen and communicate through difficult issues.  Dr. Ting has the business and analytical skills, along with a deep understanding of the medical industry, to formulate plans which provide healthcare that is well managed and available for all people.  He is the perfect candidate, with years of leadership experience at El Camino Hospital …  It would be a real shame not to take advantage of a person so qualified and willing to serve his community.  Dr. Ting has my highest recommendation. - Kristin Kerman, R.N., retired Nurse

Dr. George Ting has the unique talent of being both a strategic thinker and the ability to dive into the right details. He brings a combination of clinical excellence, financial stewardship and passion about the long term vision of healthcare in America.  He understands the big picture the the role El Camino Hospital plays in the Bay Area. He will lead El Camino Hospital in the right directions with a sense of urgency which is important at this critical time for healthcare in America. - Grace Griffin, Retired Human Resources Executive

"Your principles and ideas are close to my heart and mind and I will gladly support you – in fact if the majority was thinking like you the healthcare confusion could indeed be fixed to allow access for all – independent of wealth" – Dr. Brigitte Schiller, Chief Medical Officer, Satellite Healthcare

I would like to submit this letter of endorsement of Dr. George Ting's candidacy for the El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors.

I have been on staff at El Camino Hospital for 27 years, and count the opportunity to work with Dr. Ting as a highlight. He has demonstrated superb clinical judgment, but has also served the hospital, medical staff and community in many ways — notably as chief of the medical staff, as adviser and member of committees, and always as a participant in discussions about how to improve quality of and access to the best health care possible.

I value Dr. Ting's expertise, whether about clinical issues or administrative ones, and look forward to his positive addition to the board.

I wholeheartedly support his candidacy, and the benefits we all will glean from his addition to the board. - Dr. Sari Levine, El Camino Urology Group

Sari Levine to me: “One of your greatest fans, and supporters.  I have always respected your insight, intellect and commitment to excellence.  The Board, the community, the hospital and the medical staff at ECH are lucky you are interested, and will be better because of your willingness to serve.  It is reassuring to know that someone of your calibre is interested in the Board position, and I am whole-heartedly supporting your candidacy.” - Dr. Sari Levine, El Camino Urology Group

I want to endorse George Ting as an excellent addition to be elected to the El Camino Health Care Board. He is an experienced and accomplished physician, and an ethical and talented person with a broad range of interests. His educational background is stellar. He would be a great asset to the Board. 

We have known George for over 30 years. We can vouch for his honesty, ability and knowledge of current health care issues, and sincere interest in helping direct the path of the hospital in a new and healthy direction. - Lindsay Hogue, Teacher and Artist

Photo Dave Bogenrief.jpeg

I have known George over 50 years.  George is articulate, and a good listener.  He has good analytical abilities and gets along well with diverse groups allowing him to collaborate on issues in a proactive and caring manner.  I think George would be an excellent advocate for the El Camino Healthcare district. - David S. Bogenrief DVM

“You have my full, unwavering endorsement."– Dr. Glenn M. Chertow, Chief of Nephrology, Stanford University

“I have always held you in the highest regard as a physician and man.” – Dr. Dominick Curatola, Past El Camino Board Director, Cardiologist and Internist

I have known Dr. George Ting, … for more than 25 years from two quite different perspectives. First, Dr.Ting represented the hospital and medical staff in overseeing the medical information system jointly developed … Technicon - the first of its kind in the world . Second, Dr. Ting took care of my wife, Jane, when she began dialysis at age 73, a diagnosis with a mean U.S. one-year survival at that age of 15%. Jane survived more than 12 years - as a consequence of Dr. Ting’s prescription of a form of dialysis still only undertaken by about 1% of U.S. dialysis patients!

Dr. Ting’s excellence, temperament and judgement as a physician, combined with experience from thousands of hours taken from his private practice to serve the broad interests of the hospital make him an ideal candidate to serve on the El Camino Hospital District Board. - Melville Hodge, retired Engineer

Skeff K.jpg

“We have known Dr. Ting since the mid-1970s, … has shown himself to be impeccably thoughtful, well-versed in the topics in question, insightful into the issues that need to be addressed, principled in his behavior and decision making, and a collaborative partner in decision making, …With his background in both business and medicine, he would be a superb and valuable member of the El Camino Hospital Healthcare District Board. 
We support his candidacy with the greatest possible enthusiasm.”
– Dr. Kelley Skeff, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

Pix B Beck.jpg

“I have known George for over 30 years, …George has always been compassionate, well thought of in professional circles and understands El Camino governance and patient care issues.  I admire his high standard of ethics,  listening to people before making decisions, and articulating complex medical matters in a clear and succinct way.  … George understands how the Board works, is definitely concerned about high quality patient care, and can be an excellent conduit of community concerns.”– Dr. Bruce Beck, Retired Pulmonologist, Past Director of Quality Assurance

“Over the last 40 years, .. known Dr. George Ting to be a caring physician as well as a strategic thinker who listens well to all parties. He takes complex problems and boils them down into parts that are understandable … by encouraging …people with diverse viewpoints …so that real solutions can be found … and ultimately, finds consensus and compromise … in service to the common good.” – Nancy Steiger, Past CEO Peacehealth, WA, and past CEO, Chope Hospital, San Mateo