“Some problems are best fixed by experienced physicians, not politicians or businessmen. ”

— George Ting, MD


Vote George TING for Director, El Camino Healthcare District Board

Welcome, thank you for visiting my site. I would like to tell you a bit about myself and why I am asking you to vote for me, George Ting, for the El Camino Healthcare District Board position.

I've practiced nephrology (kidney disease, dialysis, transplantation) at El Camino Hospital for 40 years, and served on many multi-year projects on physician partnering strategies with each of the last six CEOs of the Hospital.

I have been immersed and engaged in ECH operations for decades, and have a unique understanding of its strengths, weaknesses and potential future threats.

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My Promise

I am totally committed to the long-term success of the Hospital, and to keep it vibrant and independent for the community for generations to come. As I approach retirement, I still have concerns about El Camino Hospital's physician partnering strategy. I want to resolve problems I was not been able to as a Medical Staff member, but believe I will be able to as a Board member.

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My Mission

El Camino Hospital is highly regarded and currently doing well clinically and financially. It is doing many things right which I will continue and build upon. We need to keep innovating, to provide the best and latest evidence-based medicine, and relentlessly manage costs. We need to seek the right strategic partners to ensure future success El Camino Hospital is highly regarded and currently doing well clinically and financially. It is doing many things right which I will continue and build upon. I believe ECH needs to re-evaluate its physician partnering strategy which has flaws and may not produce desired results.

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Your Healthcare Board Director

Should be uniquely familiar with El Camino Hospital's history, strengths and weaknesses

Have personal, in depth understanding of the clinical challenges faced by doctors and nurses every day, and how to improve care in big and in small ways

Should understand the complexity of the broader U.S. healthcare problems, and how to guide El Camino Healthcare to prepare for coming changes.

Should pledge to work hard for ECH success every day, especially keeping ECH independent and only accountable to the District residents, not outside organizations with their own interests.

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Take Action

I ask you to consider: who could be more concerned, committed to its future, and aware of its problems than someone working at El Camino Hospital continuously for 40 years, and has been fully engaged in its internal affairs?

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Vote George Ting for El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors' position.

About George Ting, MD

Dr. George Ting, has practiced nephrology at El Camino Hospital for 40 years. During his time as a medical practitioner, he has treated patients for kidney disease, kidney dialysis, and kidney transplantation, while serving on advisory boards and assisting the hospital’s last six CEOs in creating successful physician partnering programs.

Dr. Ting is a graduate of the Columbia University and he earned his medical degree from the University of Southern California. He performed his nephrology fellowship at Stanford University. Dr. Ting has served as both Chief of Staff and Chief of Medicine at El Camino Hospital where he has devoted himself to a high standard of excellence for patient service and provider care.

He has a strong commitment to the El Camino community and desires to serve that community for many years to come.



  • Columbia University, NY, B.A. – 1968

  • University of Southern California, CA, M.D. – 1972

  • Rush-Pres-St Lukes, IL, Residency – 1975

  • Stanford University, CA, Fellowship – 1977

El Camino Hospital Medical Staff     

40 years

  • Nephrologist – 1977 – Present

  • Chief of Medicine – 1985

  • Chief of Staff – 1994

  • Strategic Planning – 1985 - 2009

  • Medical Director Quality Assurance – 5 years

  • Medical Director, ECH Dialysis Units – 25 years

Medical Advisory Boards:

  • TDS information Systems, Cobe

  • Healthcare, Renal Management

  • Services, Baxter, Aksys Ltd, Wellbound

  • Dialysis, Satellite Dialysis Corp

business acumen

Tokei KK (Japanese Real estate company)

  • Chief Executive Officer – 2007 - 2013